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Perth Massage (from the Greek massein which means "kneading", "shaping") is the oldest form of physical therapy, used over time by different civilizations, to alleviate pain and to relax the muscles by removing fatigue. Its precise definition is: "System of mechanical actions performed on the surface of the body, with the aim of removing any limitations of the biological functions of the human body and increasing the physical and intellectual capacities of the individual".

  • Category: Mobile Massage
  • Duration: 01:10 Hours
  • Address: 1B Alexander Drive, Menora WA, Australia (Map)
  • More Info: Mobile Massage servicing Mount Lawley, East Fremantle and surrounding suburbs.


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Perth Mobile Massage

The massage that prepares a workout / competition has a warming function as it increases the temperature of the skin and muscles, predisposing them to contract with maximum speed and strength; it is also used to stimulate the central nervous system, favoring its complete activation. In addition to having an effect on the neuro-muscular, circulatory and respiratory systems, it also acts on the psychological and mental state of the athlete.

The infra-competition massage can be performed, if the athlete needs it, during the breaks of the competition. It is useful to restore an ideal physiological condition of the muscles subjected to the stress of competitive exercise, facilitating the elimination of catabolites, ie those waste substances that accumulate due to the intense effort.

Post-competition massage, on the other hand, has utility in the recovery of effort, and is aimed at accelerating the disposal of toxins produced during muscle activity, favoring the drainage of venous blood and the supply of arterial blood.