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Developing and supporting people achieve total well being is a simple yet often misinterpreted phenomena. Developing ones true potential is an apportioned combination of physical, mental and nutritional conditioning, without which one can not attain and sustain their peak optimal performance. Alongside this basic element, however, many other factors contribute to personal discovery and performance.

It is through competitive sport, competition and professional personal development that motivated us to encouraging health and wellness to our clients.

Thanks to my professional involvement in sports, I became interested in the techniques used in sports massages. From there, the step towards the Sports Massage Therapist School in Novara, then the Faculty of Motor Sciences, was brief. Immediately after the end of my studies, I started to work from home and developing health and wellbeing programs through RealFitness gym that I manage in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Treating athletes and amateurs, I realized that the satisfaction felt in being able to solve their problems was immense. Since then, my professional path has been a continuous and compelling match. I played driven by the desire to always improve myself, and to live my work with humility and passion. Starting from training courses to deepen some aspects of sports massage, I took the direct path to massage therapy.

Those that I welcome in my studio are not customers, but my guests - they are like family. This is the beauty of my work: establishing a dialogue based on transparency, mutual trust and professionalism. The aspect that I like most of this profession, the one that gives me the energy to give the best of myself every day, is to improve the well being of others and to perhaps improve the physical and lift the emotional state of my patients.

To do so, is an opportunity to be on the right path and be able to enhance your quality and purpose in life.
About Me


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